About Us


We started The Eisenhauer Group because we love Real Estate and helping people achieve their goals.   

Our President, John Eisenhauer, spent 6 years in the NAVY and the next 28 working in the healthcare technology industry.  During that time, he

coached and mentored people, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals using his own proprietary coaching methodology.


Our Founder and Vice President, Jackie Eisenhauer, spent 17 years as a licensed insurance adjuster and working in customer service.  In 2010, she started selling real estate as a licensed agent in the state of Georgia.  She has sold houses in Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky for more than a decade.  Her success is due to her laser-focus and attention to detail.  Her houses sell in days and weeks rather than months.  

While working their respective careers, John and Jackie also bought, sold, and renovated houses; building personal wealth and success.  Their love of Real Estate continued to grow as did their passion for helping others achieve personal and professional success.  It was only natural that when they decided to start their own business, it would combine the two.

Buying and Selling a home can be an emotional experience.  It can be both complicated and taxing.  People often feel stressed; worried they are leaving money on the table.  This is most often true when a person is selling their home under less than ideal circumstances (i.e. pending bankruptcy, foreclosure, the loss of a job, etc...)  At The Eisenhauer Group, we believe there's a better way; one where transparency, honesty, integrity, and win-win scenarios are first and foremost.  We believe:

  • Everyone deserves to be treated fairly - honesty, integrity, and transparency are integral principles by which we work

  • Rising tides help all ships.  Helping you achieve your goals helps us achieve ours

  • Flexibility is king!  We believe every deal can be a win-win; if you're willing to work with us, we'll find it . . . together!

With that in mind, our first and most important objective is to get to know and understand YOU.  This allows us to balance your needs, wants, and specific circumstances so you get the MOST VALUE from your buying or selling experience.

Call us NOW, and let us know how we can best serve you.  407-839-5503.  Or click here to send us a quick note.