Since 2010, our Real Estate professionals have been helping customers realize their goals and dreams.  We will find you the best house for a great price, or sell your current home for top dollar.


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Whether you own a home, rent, or live in your parent’s basement, investing in Real Estate is a great way for you to make money.


Investing in Real Estate is appealing but can also be daunting.


Our investor services are designed to make getting started with Real Estate Investing easier, faster, and less complicated. We help you create a personally tailored objective-based investment strategy, find the best properties for your portfolio, and navigate the purchase, sales, and management process. We can even help you find the money needed to get started.


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For most of us, our home is not only the center of our family life, but it's also our most valuable asset.  When it's time to sell, everything needs to go smoothly, you need to get every penny your house is worth, and, most often, you need the sale to happen as quickly as possible.

When it's time to sell your home, you can trust The Eisenhauer Group to get your home sold fast.  We have a proven track record of quick, high-return sales. We specialize in creating optimized pricing strategies tailored specifically to your home and local market conditions.

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Today's Real Estate market is moving faster than ever. It's a seller's market and that means it's easy for buyers to miss out.


Houses sell fast; being the first to make an offer is your best shot at getting your Dream Home. This requires two things. First, knowing the moment a home comes on the market. Second, being prepared to make an offer as quickly as possible.


The Eisenhauer Group helps you with both of these. We have access to every home listed on the market as well as many yet to be listed. Working with us ensures you know about the best homes first.


We also work with every new buyer to identify an appropriate price range for their home search and, because we're constantly analyzing the market, we ensure you are armed with the knowledge necessary to make a fair and competitive offer sellers are most likely to accept.